MSN Joins The Social Web League With Its New Trends App On Web, Facebook & Mobile

MSN plunges into the social media landscape with its all new Social Reader. Microsoft which is behind MSN is now making its foray into the existing social media platform and engage its users with a new application on Facebook, web as well as on the mobile front.

It is said that this is initiative is a joint venture between MSN and NBC. MSN General Manager Bob Visse says that an editorial team of 20 people will now be leveraging the Demand Dashboard to track the trendiest topics on the social web like Twitter, Facebook, Bing and more. These trending news stories will be categorized under one section called “Biggest Movers” box.

There is also a Facebook app that will act as a reader much in tone with the Washington Post Social Reader. So users will get to share as well.

Visse demonstrated that how MSN has been targeting the young and the restless of this generation who are avid users of the social web. All MSN wants to do is to induce more conversations on topics and trends and as he mentions it “short, pithy headlines”. This is the first initiative of MSN to launch across three platforms and as Visse says, “has done anything interesting with the Facebook social reader experience”. This only excludes Google Plus integration which Microsoft may think about later on.

The interface and the design is all MSN styled across all the platforms. It has been designed keeping in mind the seamless usage from the readers and also for easy swipe and touch interfaces. This application syncs well with all the interfaces and with this they have almost 125 million visits every month.

Visse also mentioned their focus to revamp the home page of MSN which will have a bright pointer to msnNOW with artworks and insignias.

Though it was anticipated that Microsoft would have its own social network, the game changed. It wants to become the aggregator. Well all conclusions can be winded up only when we get to use msnNow.

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