Times Introduces Tablet – Friendly Magazine Tweek: What To Expect?

Times Internet Limited (TIL) has just introduced an Online Magazine aimed squarely at Tablet-users. Christened Tweek, India’s first tablet friendly magazine will be available free of cost initially, for iPad Users.

India is experiencing rather slow growth in the tablet space. Though companies are introducing tablets across all segments of pricing. TIL seems to have realized the importance of content and now they are focusing their attention more on it the content part. Tablets can easily be used to read e-books. However, Magazines, periodicals etc. can form healthy contributing part to such content. While Apple has gone ahead & introduced Text-Books, leisure reading such as Tweek magazine could be the boost buyers need.

How is Tweek Superior? Firstly it is being offered by TIL which is part of the country’s largest media group Bennett Coleman & Co Ltd and this weekly tabloid will feature stories about business, entertainment, lifestyle and sports from around the globe. However, the best part is its tight integration with Social Media. Readers can instantly share stories through social networking sites, including Facebook and Twitter. Further, the e-magazine will also feature multimedia content like audio & video taking the magazine reading experience to whole another level!

The magazine will also have capability for users to share their feedback with the Tweek team, thereby making it a constantly evolving media.

On the technology front, Tweek has been developed in partnership with GENWI, a cloud-based mobile publishing platform GENWI. TIL have harnessed the power of Cloud storage thereby saving time and production costs by re using design layouts from week to week.

All in standard web-based protocols such as HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, which eventually will be easier to port to other & smaller devices.

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