Rumours Or Fact? Flipkart Débuting It’s Digital Media Store Called ‘Flyte’

Starting of this year we reported a feature post focusing mainly on Digital Music in the country and how it is going to be huge and more popular in the year 2012. The only reason Digital Music grabbed such a massive attention was the viral song ‘ ‘Kolaveri Di’ which was spoken throughout globe (The song grabbed more than 30,594,976 views alone on Youtube).

 Rumors says it that Flipkart one of the giant of E-commerce is going to launch its Digital Media Store called ‘Flyte’. This news seems quite interesting  considering Mime360 being acquired by Flipkart. They have also express their intention to roll out their digital distribution by the end of 2012.

Though it is not clear what Flipkart would be offering us, there are few ideas that they are going to start with the digital music sales. Introducing their digital media store is a smart move made by Flipkart as people their leisure time online listening or downloading music. However, it is unclear what kind of pricing model Flipkart is going to introduce to be successful in the Indian market.

This is the way the Digital Media Store of Flipkart called ‘Flyte‘ going to look like. :)

Lately, Flipkart been very active mode since it recently bought, received funding of 150 Million from Accel Partners and Tiger Global, It also acquired contents from, etc.

What we do not understand if it is launching its digital media store why are they keeping it unwraps?

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