RIM Installs & Operates Server In India For Their Indian Operation

Research in Motion (RIM), the makers & service providers for BlackBerry Devices & the famous BBM (Messenger Service) have finally decided to install & operate Server farm in India for their Indian Operation. While many would believe that this decision has been inspired from the recent debacle with the servers going down again & again, the decision is primarily to appease the Indian Government.

Our security conscious Govt. had been pestering & eventually even threatening RIM to either allow access to the Mails, Chats & Messenger data to keep a tab on suspicious activities by alleged threats to national security or leave the country. After 3 years of keeping them at bay, RIM has finally given in & agreed to provide full data access to the authorities. Special Security (Internal Security) in the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) minister Utthan Kumar Bansal, “BlackBerry has assured the Ministry of Home Affairs that the issue of monitoring of the BlackBerry will be sorted out soon…I am sure we will soon be on the same page and our concerns will be addressed”.

How did RIM manage to avoid handing over the data?

RIM’s Blackberry have an Unique Hexadecimal PIN. This PIN is associated with all of the message being sent from & received to on that particular BlackBerry. In BlackBerry circles apart from the popular BlackBerry Messenger, there’s a lesser know PIN Messaging service too. It seems RIM will install only a monitoring facility, while all of the actual working will take place from RIM’s location in Canada & England. While we believe all the methods that Terrorists use to wreak havoc, should be curtailed, the privacy of users should be maintained too. Lets see how RIM & GoI come up with such a action plan!

Are you worried that all your BBMs & Messages are now being monitored? Will it affect your BlackBerry usage?

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