‘We Don’t Host Objectionable Content’, Says Yahoo. Court Denies Reprieve

Yahoo India, which is currently facing criminal court proceedings for allegedly hosting objectionable content, along with 20 other Internet Giants, was refused interim relief by the Delhi High Court.

At present Yahoo India is being merely treated as an ‘Accused’ in the case of hosting objectionable material on its site.  It seems Yahoo invited trouble, when it successfully plead with the lower court, that it should be tried separately.

The other 20 websites that have been accused include Social Networking bigwigs, Facebook, Google, Orkut, Youtube, Blogspot, etc. Out of these, Google & Facebook, seem to have complied with the requirements & have moved the High Court against the Magistrates Orders, stating that they themselves have done nothing wrong.

Yahoo is not a Social Networking site (or is it?!). It does not have objectionable material uploaded & hosted from its servers. Technically, speaking this is right. However, it seems Yahoo made a hasty decision of asking for an interim relief.

The law in India, seems hell bent to penalize the sites for the offenses committed by its users. We wonder how are the sites being branded as culprits, when Billions of it users are uploading material that simply cannot be judged offensive by an algorithm. Recently, sites have been asked to undertake measure which they feel are outrageous. Let’s see how the Country’s Law & the websites decide to live in peace.

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