Now You Can Tweet Using A Satellite: A Massive Step Ahead?

Twitter has announced that it will be partnering with two major satellite providers so that users around the world can get access to the micro-blogging platform. Tweeting via your Satellite connection is possible using Twitter’s SMS service.

Twitter was built to be a SMS service but it slowly took over the world wide web to become a phenomenon. They have partnered with Iridium and Thuraya, two of the world’s largest satellite communication providers. This is to make access to Twitter as easy as possible. Up until now, Twitter could be accessed from smart phones and web but in a country like ours, not everyone has access to smart phones and the web in some cases. How then do they access Twitter? Twitter via SMS is one possibility but it depends on mobile carriers and not all carriers support this. Still you can tweet from your mobile phone using these long codes. So far, these long codes have only been set up for UK, Germany and Finland. Satellite services are universal and this might help more and more people access Twitter.

Twitter’s rationale behind this move is to make unbroken accessibility to the service possible in war-torn countries and distant places with very less connectivity.

Another important aspect of Twitter is increasing the accessibility of the service from the real-time news perspective. Emergencies and other happenings can easily be tweeted and followed now by many more people. We earlier wrote about how Twitter has changed its policies recently to allow more freedom of speech.

What do you think of this new feature? Will it help reaching out to more people or result in an information overload? Share your thoughts with us.

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