Microsoft To Unveil Windows 8 Beta At Mobile World Congress

Microsoft has announced that it will release a test/beta version of its upcoming Desktop operating system, Windows 8. The operating system was revealed some time back and promises to be the next big upgrade to Microsoft’s Windows. Windows Vista was generally considered a failure but its successor Windows 7 got its act right. Windows 8 will be the Redmond giant’s answer to modern operating systems offerings from Apple and Google.

Windows 8 marks the entry of Microsoft’s entry into the tablet segment with its UI and features which are specially tailored to tablets. The operating system sports a new and refreshing UI called Metro. This Metro UI syncs in well with their Tile UI in Windows Phone 7. Windows Phone has still not gained mainstream popularity as compared to Android and iOS but with a solid combination of a hardware and developer support, Windows may finally support a full fledged computing ecosystem just like Apple has done.

Microsoft will also unveil their version of an App Store which fill feature starter apps which will let people see what the Operating System has in store in terms of Apps. Microsoft had already started building relations with developers for their desktop and phone products.

Will Windows 8 be a better tablet operating system than iOS and Android? Let us know your thoughts.

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