Microsoft Readies To Tap Local: Hires Ybrant Digital For Smaller Towns

Ybrant Digital, an online marketing company, has been retained by Microsoft India to cater to cities outside Delhi-NCR, Mumbai and Bangalore. In a bid to expand in Metros beyond the aforementioned, MS India has appointed Ybrant Digital to sell its ad inventory for media properties on MSN, Windows Live, and Bing. Ybrant further boasts partnerships with global publishers such as Facebook, Google, MSN, Yahoo!, and Viacom. With team work spread over 140 Ad Agencies, we believe Ybrant can better leverage MS’s ad inventory.

Ybrant can offer a much better competitive edge feels a confident Suresh Reddy, chairman and CEO of Ybrant Digital, “Ybrant will provide businesses with an option to advertise with premium media properties owned by Microsoft. We will ensure maximum RoI (Return on Investment) on the advertising rupee spent by our advertisers across the region”.

Over the past few months, we have witnessed tremendous growth potential in Tier II & Tier III Cities and towns. As larger cities become saturated, such towns will act as growth drivers as opportunities still lie untapped. India’s population is increasingly going online & purchasing even their daily needs. In fact Internet penetration might be the only hurdle preventing growth. In fact, of India’s total internet population of 112 million, non-metro cities account for approximately 68 per cent of people who log on in such smaller towns.

Under such circumstances, it is now vital for large websites to focus beyond the golden quadrilateral. What do you think?

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