Foursquare Out With The New Version Of “Explore” For Smart Devices

Foursquare has announced the launch of an updated version of “Explore” for iPhone and android devices. This will club all the features of Foursquare on web from filtering, photos till location changing abilities.

Users are now asked to update their mobile app to see the new changes in “Explore”. This gives a boost to Foursquare‘s local guide rolled out with friend’s recommendations as well as tips and comments from users. So Foursquare is now your local search engine helping yo to explore places by categories like “coffee”, “burgers” and more. The “Specials” will throw light on the offers from those places and you can also check the mayor discounts on checking in.

The most intriguing aspect of “Explore” is the filter button. You will see that button on the right in iOS and at the bottom in Android. This will help you to narrow down search results and get more specific answers to your search.  You will find interesting options like “New to me” or even see places your friends have been to. The discover mechanism is something that adds to the dynamism of “Explore”. So you can find out new neighborhoods, beyond your current location by typing the name or by dragging the map. This will be in accordance with your phone’s GPS reach.

Foursquare quoted on “Explore, “When you do a local search on many other services, you get a ‘one-size fits all’ set of results. But with foursquare Explore, we’re using your check-ins and your friends’ check-ins, along with the more than 1.5 billion check-ins from the rest of the foursquare community, to personalize recommendations for you. And every time you check in, foursquare gets better at finding places you’ll like”. The idea is to localize search and build a local village on this planet. So with smart “Explore” now you can where your friends go, search where you want to go, offers and more on the go.

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