Zapak Releases A Social Cricket Offering Called Cricville, India’s leading online gaming portal have officially announced the launch of their social cricket game called Cricville. This is the companies second foray into social gaming, the earlier one being Tambola. The game was initially in released in a closed beta program to select people to review. It seems the ratings are through the roof on this one.

The game is specially designed for Facebook and aims to be the first Indian social game to be played by cricket lovers in many countries. Cricville is based on the IPL style of game-play and has a lot of simulation and management scenarios. You start out by owning a cricket club and build the club’s home stadium. There are a lot of real life cricket dynamics like hiring players, managing the team and ultimately winning a Tournament. The social aspect of the game is that you can challenge other people or accept challenges from your friends. You can use your achievements in your tournament mode to gain a one up while playing with your Facebook friends.

Speaking on the launch of Zapak’s cricket based social website game, Manish Agarwal, Chief Operating Officer – Reliance Entertainment – Digital Business, said – “Cricket is not just a game but a complete religion by itself in India. With IPL being just round the corner this is the perfect time to launch Cricville.  Cricville follows an easy and competitive gameplay which will appeal not only to cricket fans but also to other gaming enthusiasts on Facebook , Zapak wants to tap the Indian themed games segment which offer universal appeal on Facebook aggressively and what better way to spearhead that other than Cricket!

Yes, Cricket is big in our country and we are also very big on social gaming. The timing of this game is perfect since IPL season is coming up.

Play the game here:

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  1. February 8, 2012 at 6:34 am #

    Mehul Vadodaria@Sachin Kolekar Another Cricket Game is here… :-D

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