LinkedIn’s Localized Hiring Solutions Make Headhunting Simpler

World’s largest Professional Networking Site LinkedIn will soon rollout India centric hiring solutions. LinkedIn with a Global subscriber base of over 135 Million professionals has 1/10th of them Indians! Hence, India is one of the largest Professional communities actively using LinkedIn.

Titled as LinkedIn Recruiter, will help Indian Recruiters effectively search & zero-in on the desired profiles that fit the requirement. There are additional services with differentiated India pricing like Jobs Network, Work with us Ads, Targeted Recruitment Ads and Talent Direct. LinkedIn is in discussion with firms like Wipro and HCL Technologies for bringing in new & improving the present hiring solutions. LinkedIn believes in effectively connecting professional job seekers with employers. With its vast user base, recruiters must be having a hard time to sift through the “clutter”.

However, there might be another reason as well. India is a growing economy, but the monetary denomination keeps shifting. LinkedIn could be alienating Prices meant specifically for Services offered in India. Our assumptions are confirmed by Irfan Abdulla, head of hiring solutions at LinkedIn India, “The price of some offerings would be 30-40 per cent lower than the global ones”.

Secondly, India being a vast country with high number of educated & qualified youth, it just makes sense to offer a “LinkedIn Talent Pipeline” which will help recruiters to better manage the shortlisted candidates. The Career Page will help in brand building with regular updates & finally Targeted Recruiting Advertising seems to be algorithm to reach only those candidates with the required experience & skill in a particular area.

Finally, India could be a test bed to launch region specific hiring solutions. After all, if it works in India, it will work everywhere! Top companies like HCL Technologies, L&T Infotech, ING Vysya & even Wal-Mart have adopted LinkedIn hiring solutions.

Is LinkedIn your preferred medium to search for a job?

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