Yahoo’s Late Entry in Video Content Won’t Matter, Believes Vishal Maheshwari

We had recently reported about the Yahoo’s entry into Video Content Delivery for Indians. Mr. Vishal Maheshwari [VS] spoke to Pravda Godbole [PG] of Business Standard. Below are some excerpts.

PG inquired exactly what we had been wondering. Won’t the late entry prove the reason for being sidetracked? VS reasoned that it won’t because Yahoo is not just a simple Video sharing website. Its proposition is to offer “strictly original, fully licensed video content”. Yahoo believes there is a huge demand for “premium licensed video content in India”. Yahoo has taken the first initiative to offer just that.

How does Yahoo go about doing that?

As a premium video destination, Yahoo will not wait for up loaders. Further Yahoo, won’t simply bombard its users with random videos. Its Content Optimization Relevance Engine (CORE) will offer personalization, helping users discover content of their interest.

Content like full-length movies, Bollywood, sports, news, lifestyle and entertainment will be high quality, fully licensed and original. No more jerky camera movements & awkward angles. Only professionally created & edited content! Today sites are already offering user-uploaded videos which are mostly unlicensed. It’s all about offering a “Superior Experience” through content that is sourced directly from content producer, thereby retaining brilliant quality.

On being queried upon for the Content Producers VS revealed several big names such as NDTV, Headlines Today, Aajtak etc. for News. Digit 9, Shemaroo, Ultra, Reliance Pictures etc for Movies. Star Plus, Channel V, Star Pravah, Star Jalsa, 9XM & many others of Star Network for TV content. And finally for Bollywood content, Yahoo has roped in , Lehren, Glamsham, Saanskruti, Movie Talkies, Nine Winds and Digit 9.

Thus, Yahoo is making an effort to “source directly from leading films and television producers in the country and made available for free”.

How will Yahoo make Money then?

Well, our readers will remember, Yahoo has made efforts to insert its own advertisement engine within the content. Hence, it can easily offer customized advertisements to its viewers. These advertisements could be in the form of small pop-ups, scrolling banners or any other non-intrusive form. Furthermore, with user information at hand, it can easily serve ads what the users may have wished for!

So, will there be innovation involved?

Yes, confirms Vishal. Depending on the Content & Content providers, Yahoo is experimenting with “Mini-Movies”, a concept in which users can watch snippets of movies in a short duration without having to sit for the long hours! Yahoo already has TV shows which become available online within 24 hours of broadcast. Given internet’s power to accurately calculate user needs & expectations, Yahoo can offer fine tuned programs easily. The possibilities are endless.

Yahoo! Video also has “Live-Streaming” Capabilities in its Engine. However, it has still not used it in India, but there are plans to introduce live streaming as well. Globally, they have proven its success with Prince William and Catherine Middleton’s royal wedding.

Yahoo! with its Premium Video Content has surely taken a stand to offer only professionally created videos. With Cable TV being easily accessible & high speed internet still on the cards, will it be a success? Only time will tell.

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