Naukri Introduces Custom Job Search On Your Smartphone Via App

In today’s scenario of job-hopping, the average urban employee is always on the lookout for that higher paying job. Also, with more and more college graduates pouring out of the system each year, job sites like have an evergreen demand. People use Naukri’s vast database of job openings to find the perfect job for them.

Now, has recognized that a vast number of internet connected Indians are connecting to the web via their smartphones. They have launched Smarthphone Apps for various major platforms, namely Android, iOS and Blackberry devices.

Says Vibhore Sharma from, “Mobile devices are bringing about a revolution in the way people use Internet and consume content from the web. Smartphones are the new basic phones that will eventually engage users more than a PC. With the launch of our apps and the repurposed website for mobile devices, we aim to offer our users the ability to continue their job search on the go and never miss out on a career opportunity.” In the year 2010, Naukri had introduced premium job section on their website where total traffic gathered by the website was 10%. Recently, competitor initiated into India’s campus placement market as Monster College which is aimed at seamlessly connecting colleges, students and companies.

As any job hunter knows, timing it crucial. One does not want to miss an opportunity just because they were away from a PC. Keeping that in mind, the new smartphone app ensures you never miss anything. There is even a provision for Job Alerts. One can filter job openings by location, keywords, functional area, experience bracket, and minimum expected salary. Up-to five job alerts can be set up. These alerts will also be sent to the user’s inbox thrice a week.

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