Customized Opera Mini for Idea Users: Where’s The Novelty?

Idea Subscribers will soon get a customized version of Opera Mini. Country’s third largest Mobile Service company has signed a deal with Opera Software to offer customized or “Co-Branded” Opera Mini mobile web-browser to its subscribers.

What’s in it for the Subscribers?

Opera Mini is an ultra-light web-browser packed with features that even the built-in browsers lack. Supported with “data-tunneling” through Opera’s proprietary technology; Opera Turbo, users get a much smoother & better mobile internet experience while spending a lot less on data.

Recently, Vodafone had signed a similar deal with Opera. With Opera’s cross-platform UI framework, operators can deploy a “consistent experience, look, and feel across their product offerings” What this means is the look and feel of Opera is customizable to the Service providers image & brand. Hence, if you have Opera with Splash of “Red” for Vodafone Users, you may have a Opera with Yellow hues for Idea Customers. However, we have yet to see any actual benefit for the end consumer.

Operators like Idea, Vodafone are encouraging mass awareness about Mobile Internet which is just getting to stand on its feet. Opera Mini is a perfect tool for all Mobile phones as “it brings full Internet to all devices, regardless of device constraints and platform” says Lars Boilesen, CEO of Opera Software.

Opera Mini may be an “Ideal enabler”, however, service providers have to get their act straight if they wish to offer quality services. With the ghost of 2G still haunting them & 3G’s ship not sailing well, the companies should not resort to such cosmetic upgrades but focus more on improving the customer experience.

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