Twitter Moves Towards Content Curation

Why is Twitter insanely popular? That is because it is the perfect tool to send out byte sized opinions and news. It’s micro-blogging nature, the presence of Celebrities and even Politicians are the biggest things going for it as a social communications platform.

As last year came to a close it was the star when it came to generating buzz, but the real question is, ‘Is Twitter looking at a new direction?’The first indication of this comes from the Twitter 3.0 design that they pushed out last year. The design was awesome and was consistent even on its mobile apps. They added ‘Home, ‘Connect’ and ‘Discover’ tabs to the interface and let go of the old ones like ‘re-tweets and mentions’. Twitter doesn’t want people using third-party clients either. Here, the ‘Discover tab’ is of some significance. When you click on it it you are treated to a very visual kind of summary of the days trending topics. Here’s an example:

Now look at the latest startup that Twitter has acquired recently.

Looking at the way things are organized, it looks like Twitter acquired it just for the sole purpose of integrating their technology into the Discover tab. Twitter is now addressing the fundamental problem with Social Networks, ‘Information Overload’! With Facebook and its Open Graph protocol letting loose  hundreds of social apps on the service, there is a real problem of content curation and aggregation. We have written about this before and how it will ultimately damage Social media. Summify is Twitter’s key. The service accesses the most relevant content and arranges it in a clean and neat manner. Basically, it cancels out the noise that is generated by large scale sharing of multiple content. Summify will stop its service and will be  directly integrated into Twitter. Expect something awesome to show up on Twitter in a few months!

Content and Curation on Social Media and the Internet have always been kind of a challenge. The floodgates of information are already collapsing and it is a problem right now when you  want to look at the best and relevant articles and content. Google+ and Facebook have some sort of noise controls but Twitter, sadly lacks this. There are whole new wave of startups which are founded on the basis of ‘clearing the crap’ and discovering awesome content e.g Pinterest, Flipboard, Summify, Google Currents.

What are your views on Content Curation in today’s world? Share them with us.

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