Special Feature: The New Era Of Digital Education Spreading Like Wildfire

Apple enters the world of books with its trailer released on iBooks last week. This created a sway and this is considered to be another disruptive move from technology trying to change the way people live. iBooks is seen as a catalyst that will finally bring in vogue the electronic textbooks into the mainstream education arena such as schools while helping them save a huge amount of money.

The craze seemed to have increased by leaps and bounds with almost 350,000 e-books sold after the unveiling of iBooks2. India which is already showcasing tremendous growth in web, iBooks will soon raise the curtain on this landscape.

India is seeing a lot of revolutions in the web space and Attanto-a Banaglore based company has created an interactive e-book marketplace. Funded by Helion Venture Partners, Attanto creates e-book versions of an educational text with their technology. It is quick, interactive and also helps parents to track student progress at the same time. Our technology maintains the look and feel of a text book (like the flow of charts, graphs, etc). Attanto’s motive also extends to help publications earn by selling e-content. Though they are in Beta phase, they are planning to get almost 1500 books from a dozen of publishers. Soumya added, “Our value-add is that these books are recommended by boards such as the CBSE and has co-relation with the ICSE syllabus“.

In US the iBooks from Apple have received accolades galore as they are beautiful and user friendly. However, Indian scenario has not yet seen the light of digital education even though MHRD has announced 100,000 Akash Tablets from Datawind. But the issue is they cannot  digitise books since they own the copyrights. But on another note they do have a ePub format on iPad and e-Readers. So they are ready to experiment even with iBooks 2 very soon.

The Indian digital education space will be revamped. The CEO of Robosoft Technologies says they have kick started their work on creating interactive education syllabus or rather an application to grasp chemistry. We hope that very soon schools will be unloading their shoulders off the textbooks and the e-classroom will begin.

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