Exploitation Of Trust; A Major Worry For FaceBook. To Fight SPAM With Law!

Been seeing a lot of links to obscene or vulgar videos supposedly posted by your friends on Facebook & felt they were SPAM? Well Yes they are & Facebook along with Washington DC are trying to win this battle against such “Spammers”. Adscend Media LLC is at the receiving end of a law-suite filed jointly by Facebook as well the state of Washington. The law-suite is filed to obtain an injunction to prevent the company from spreading Spam links through “misleading and deceptive tactics and has encouraged others to do the same” said Washington state Attorney General Rob McKenna.

Why post such videos / content?

Well, the concept of SPAM is simple. Elicit a response from a Victim. Furthermore, if the content “Appears” to be posted by a friend / acquaintance, then the chances that the victim will click on the content increase exponentially! This model of posting links on Facebook promising shocking or salacious videos, is called as “ClickJacking”. Such links have code embedded in them that spreads the link to the user’s page. Once clicked the link redirects the Victim to a survey or information from an advertiser.

As Social Networking is close to a modern revolution & people valuing it more than money! it is makes spreading  spam, scams and viruses that much easier. Trust, is the weapon used here. Mail appearing Junk is immediately marked as Spam, but “links” from a friend is a different story! With over 800 Million users on Facebook, it’s a treasure trove for spammers / hackers.

India, on the other hand is trying to bite the hand & not eradicate the actual offenders! However, India should listen to what McKenna said, “As spammers adjust their tactics, we adjust ours”. Let’s hope Facebook & Washington win the case for the benefit of us, its users.

Have you mistakenly clicked such links? What was your experience?

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