Indian Youth Are Deactivating Their Social Profiles: Is This For Real?

Social Media is on the rise among Indians with almost a size able amount of people on Facebook and Twitter but a survey by Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM), points out that some 30% of the Indian urban youth are displaying a reverse trend when it comes to Social. The study claims that these youngsters are deleting their social profiles citing fatigue and other health reasons.

The survey audience were 2000 boys and girls in the 12-25 age group in Urban cities of Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai and other cities. The fieldwork for this study lasted from October to December 2011. “About 55 per cent of all the respondents across these cities said they have consciously reduced the time spent on social media websites and are no longer as active and enthusiastic about their favourite social networks as when they had signed up,” the survey says. This is apparently due to overcrowding and over-consumption of content which leading to health problems for the youngsters.

Assocham Secretary General D S Rawat while releasing the findings of the survey said, “Tech overload is apparent among youth and their fixation with social media seems to be eroding as they have started focusing on more important things than grooming their digital identities,” said

About 75 per cent of the total people surveyed  said that while they had signed up  almost every website when it was launched, most were barely using these anymore and were active on a single site. That is understandable as people might not want to go to many sites and may just flock to one service which in this case seems to be Facebook. Now let us tell you why this survey is not really clear in terms of its objectives.

  • If people are reducing the number of hours on websites and services, is that the same as deactivating and deleting that account? As far as we are concerned, that is a huge generalization and an erroneous one at that.
  • If the youth are shifting to one single site, does that really mean Social Media is dead? No, in fact it means it is thriving more than ever. The social media world is fragmented in terms of services.
  • All social media services are now interconnected. You can connect your Twitter account to Facebook and LinkedIn. You can use services like Tweetdeck, Hootsuite and Seesmic to manage multiple social media channels without any hassle. Is this being taken into account?
  • Facebook data shows that there are around  4,13,99,720 users in the country which makes India the third largest country on Facebook. The Facebook penetration rates for the population in general is 3.57% and 51.11% in terms of users. Facebook users grew by 94,05,460 in the last 6 months. We have barely scraped the iceberg.
  •  LinkedIn crossed the 13 million mark recently. Indians are the 2nd largest community on the service.
  • More and more companies and organizations are embracing social media to recruit employees and raise awareness about their organizations and their products.
  •  There are around 65 million internet users in India, a figure which is up 28% from 2010. Yet, mobile phones account for only 25% of this. Imagine the scope for growth here.
  • This Business Standard article claims that people are de-activating their MySpace, Friendster and Orkut accounts. Don’t you see the fallacy here? These services have been dead for the longest time already with the only exception being Orkut which is slowly dying still.
  •  According to the TNS Digital Life Survey, Indians are turning more social and using more and more of the Internet to get things done.

This should be enough to for you to see that the survey results don’t match up. People are not going anywhere. They are staying social for a long time!

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