ApnaCricle Introduces BlackBerry App; Wooing The Executive Crowd?

India’s answer to LinkedIn, ApnaCircle.com has  introduced a native App for the BlackBerry Smartphones. ApnaCircle.com seems to be in re-consolidating stage & has realized that one of the ways to grow its adoption is to offer applications that reside on the Phones, rather than making the users visit the website.

The new app available in BlackBerry Appstore, features many other advantages besides convenience. Since BlackBerry OS allows multi-tasking, keeping the App in the Background will make you available 24×7. The application includes an address book, and allows users to read and reply to messages within itself. The App also leverages the power of PushMail, that the BlackBerry service is famous & sometime infamous for! However, the Push Notifications for the App are meant for instant updates on industry happenings and news. Users can also instantly view, accept or decline requests to connect from other users.

Though on the decline, BlackBerry is still a formidable player in the Business Smartphone Category owing to its ultra tight security & excellent build-quality. The company has released this version with an aim to understanding the requirements & adding features in the near future based on the response reveals Mr. Yogesh Bansal, Founder and CEO, ApnaCircle.com, “With more and more professionals using BlackBerry smartphones, launching our BlackBerry application was quite imperative. This application helps ApnaCircle users conveniently access their professional network while mobile, and we plan to add additional features beyond this first release,”

Founded in 2006, ApnaCircle is India’s response to Professional Networking Sphere. The site already has tie-ups with Viadeo, that offers similar services for Europe & Tianji, that works for professionals in China. With 36 Million users that span the hierarchy of any typical organization like CEOs, Senior Managers, Entrepreneurs, Consultants and professionals from various fields like Finance, Communications, Production, Marketing, etc. ApnaCircle claims to be world’s second largest professional network on the Internet.

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