Anti-SOPA Fire Spreading;This Time Mozilla Opposes The Censorship

The Anti-SOPA movement has gathered considerable momentum & is reaching millions & urging them to sit-up, take notice & get into action.

We had recently witnessed how Wikipedia had chosen a simple, yet strong Anti SOPA message by “blackening-out” their website. Well, Mozilla’s start-up page, which statistics shows is displayed on 30 Million PCs in US alone was effectively used by the Mozilla foundation to spread the Anti-SOPA message to users of its (not-so-popular) Browser! Combine that with Mozilla’s presence in the Social Networking sphere, the message reached around 40 Million people in the US.

Well, they surely got the message across. What is the “Action” part? Reassuringly, even this action, was effectively elicited from the users from across the group who chose to protest: From Mozilla’s efforts, 3,60,000 emails were sent to Congress. Google’s users responded more aggressively, with 7 million signatures to its petitions. Twitter, though backed-out from resorting to black-out, helped move the more than 2.4 Million SOPA related Tweets.

Wikipedia’s blacked-out English-section reported 8 Million views of it Congress member contact page.

Stop Online Piracy Act & Protect IP Act are two such legislations which might appear to help curb piracy, but they do have some sinister implications. Furthermore, these Acts give sweeping power to US law-makers to purse “errant” websites even if they are located outside US. Though a lot is still to be concretized, the Acts, when studied in depth seem to provide dictator-like powers to the Govt. of US to swoop down on websites & block them out completely, even if a small incrementing matter is found on them.

Though Mozilla’s efforts could not generate responses similar to Wikipedia or Google, it is commendable that a web-browser has attempted to support a cause that can have ever-lasting effect if the Acts are abolished even before they become Laws.

We wonder will this be enough to force Congress to re-consider the Bills that are threating the very basis of the Internet revolution?

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