Mobile VAS Is Huge Business, Confirms IAMAI. Are Mobile Companies Listening?

Value Added Services (VAS) will comprise a third of revenue generated for Mobile Telcos confirmed a report by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI).

IAMAI, which routinely offers eye-openers for the industry, has set another ball rolling for them with the revelation that Mobile VAS market in India could be a market worth Rs. 671 Billion by 2015.

We tried to look at the claim & observed the following:

It’s not how many, but what you offer, matters. While there are routine services like Caller tunes or Call-back tunes, the companies need to allocate resources to offer new & unique services to the customers. Topics such as security, medical assistance, one-click approach, education, etc are must, if these companies want to increase adoption of such services.

Wackiness helps. Some companies like Vodafone have started offering Cooking Tips & Matrimonial leads though Value Added Services. Jokes, Stock market updates as passé. If one wants to really up the game it’s high time, companies look at the miscellaneous technologies that are built in the phone to be exploited. Example: a geo-location game was recently launched that leveraged the power of GPS. Even realty companies have begun to realize the potential of GPS, Gravity-meter & other sensors. Our views are shared by Vishwanath Alluri, Founder, Chairman & CEO of IMI Mobile who said, “The Operators should realize the need for innovation through collaboration. They should start opening their network assets for businesses to exploit in order bring the full value of mobile medium for enhanced productivity, customer engagement and retention. This can unlock the value of the hitherto dormant assets.

While mobile commerce & economy are still trying find a bearing, its up to Mobile telcos to initiate & capture the waves of increasing people’s participation that will not only be personally rewarding to the subscriber, but will also serve as a long-term revenue generating source for the Service-provider. A win-win situation indeed.

What services do you feel are missing?

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