War Of Search Giants: Bing Beats Yahoo To Snag Second Place

In the war of search engines comScore has revealed that Microsoft’s Bing has just surpassed Yahoo! Search. Bing & other MS sites fielded 2.75 Billion search requests as against Yahoo’s 2.65 Billion. In terms of US market’s share it was 15.1 % against 14.5% respectively. However, these two are nowhere near even when clubbed together against Google’s 12 Billion search requests or a whopping 66%.

We tried to analyze the reasons for this upsurge:

Yahoo has signed a 10 Year deal with Microsoft. With this deal Yahoo has tried to save money by relying on Microsoft to provide the bulk of its search technology. Microsoft actually gained from this deal by getting more requests to process and analyze over time. What this meant was Microsoft got ample opportunity to understand search preferences & trends. The Bing program has been bleeding money to the tune of US$ 7 Billion. This news could offer some solace to the company that heavily relies on Windows Operating Software & its popular web-browser.

Why are comScore results important?

Research firms tracking the lucrative Internet Search market rely on the results to offer them to the Internet Marketing companies. These in turn, can offer prices based on the feedback, for advertisements displayed along-side the search results. Google has been Internet’s most profitable company owing to its dominance in the search category. Yahoo on-the-other-hand has been steadily loosing market share & revenue. However, there have been recent attempts to add other ancillary services to up its preference among the native crowd.

In India, we clearly see an affiliation to Google. How many of our readers still prefer to use Bing or Yahoo Search? What is your experience?

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