SMS Marketing Firms Swear To Abide By Rules. End Of Pesky Messages?

SMS aggregators and marketers have signed a Code of Conduct under the aegis of Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) to refrain from harassing mobile subscribers who have opted for “Do Not Disturb”.

The Code of Conduct designed by IAMAI in association with seven of the largest firms like ACL-wireless; Air2web, Netcore, Pinnacle Teleservices; SMS Gupshup; Unicel technologies; ValueFirst  puts a self imposed ban on these companies to use the overseas origination route for SMS marketing . A while ago, despite a ban by TRAI, some telemarketing companies continued to send SMSes to users registered under NCPR earlier known as Do Not Disturb list. Upon investigation it was learnt that these SMSes originated from overseas destinations where our regulations do not apply.

IAMAI President Subho Ray has urged the 2800 odd registered telemarketing companies and a couple of telcos who actively promote these services to urgently adopt and abide by this Code of Conduct & goes on to make a appeal that “others must follow in the spirit of enlightened self-interest and industry can not afford to leave loopholes in the system”. The guidelines are also present in “The Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations (TCCCP)”.

Why have the companies agreed on a self-imposed ban?

Well, it may appear that the companies are blocking their own scope, in reality it is about trust & reliability, says an unidentified industry source, “We sincerely hope that enterprises will be discerning by diverting their business to companies which are compliant and protect their brands and help us provide relief to the end users” In other words, Brands which decide to hand their SMS marketing will do so knowing that their campaigns will be handled ethically. Until a consensus between TRAI & the SMS marketing body is reached, an empowered group formed at IAMAI representing SMS aggregators would implement the Code of Conduct.

Lets see, how many of the growing subscribers opt for NCPR & how many are actually relieved of this stress.

Have you been a victim of such unsolicited marketing? Do share your experience.

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