Mobile Ad Network Vserv Eyes Emerging Markets. To Open Operations In Singapore

Mumbai-based mobile ad network Vserv is planning to setup office in Singapore by February end.

Adserv offers AdWrapper which comes in handy to insert advertisements into a developer’s mobile application. We had recently witnessed something similar for videos.  The platform is vital even for low end phones connected merely through GPRS  / EDGE & not the flailing 3G. The strength of Vserv’s AdWrapper lies in implementing ads without changing source code. Even more, the application offers free Ad mediation & House Ads along with exhaustive App analytics. Thus the business analysis is also taken care of automatically. No need to go to a third party. Presently, the company is active in the J2ME or java apps sphere. We think, this strategic growth could also fuel expansion in other platforms that are doing well.

Why the urge for an Ad-Network agency to open a Brick and Mortar office?

While Adserv may be doing quite well, the results of business development have been passive. That is their quality of work has brought customers to them feels Dippak Khurana, co-founder and CEO of Vserv, “Developers from other countries use our product but that has been a result of online marketing. With offices in other markets we would like to expand our marketing reach.” Further, only 30% of Adserv’s moolah comes from India. The rest of the action happens in the other merging markets of South East Asia like Indonesia and Vietnam. Even such markets are on the anvil of expansion reveals Khurana.

Singapore offers a unique geographical & communal advantage of being able to attract world-wide talent. Adserv could be leveraging this advantage to its own gain. We could also witness more hiring in the near future.

Indian markets are a huge playground & teach well, only if we are ready to learn. 

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