A Brand Name Could Be A Domain Extension Too. End Of Cybersquatting?

ICANN has just opened its pearly gates for companies to register their brand names as domain extensions. The new names will come online in 2013, but application procedure has already started.

It was a common perception that .COM was the most desired extension. However, with ICANN proposing new extension options, companies soon could even customize this end of the website. ICANN, the internet governing body, approved significant expansions to Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) to allow companies, organizations and even cities to turn their own brands into domain name extensions. Though brand names like TATA, Reliance, Birla may surely appeal for such exclusivity, we expect to see heavy game-play or bidding in the generic product range like .music, .shop, .food etc. But the with the fight now moving to a more generic aft field, there could be plenty to go around. A while ago, India had opposed the idea of a generic .XXX extension, lets see, how it responds to this.

The 90 Day registration process started yesterday & will culminate on 12th April.

Will Cybersquatting be a menace, as usual?

No, feel the experts & we concur. There are two simple reasons for it:

  • Companies aspiring to get their brands on to the other side of the name will have to show legitimate claim to the name they are buying. ICANN has already taken in hoards of consultants who will evaluate such claims. Guess, they too require outsourcing.
  • The application fee is a steep US$ 185,000. This alone should dissuade a wannabe squatter. A further annual fee of US$ 25000 is applicable as annual registry fee. But, brands are priceless. Hence, it will be interesting to observe how this one unfolds.

Among the first movers is .NGO extension which will immediately confirm the noble cause the organization is doing. Are any of our readers considering getting such a ultra-customized domain name?

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