Indian Mobile Subscriber Base Touches 884.37Million, Says TRAI

According to data released by TRAI, Telecom companies added somewhere around 2.74 million new subscribers in last November. This brings the number of mobile users in the country to 917.33 million. The mobile subscriber base was on the increase since last year and grew by 0.34% in the month of November itself. The number of subscribers in the country now stands aka  total of 884.37 million users.The data also says that Telecom companies had added as many as  7.79 million subscribers in the preceding month of October.
The Teledensity of the country now stands at 76.18%. Teledensity is the measure of the number of telephones in use for every 100 individuals living within an area. The increase in this particular quantity can be used a measure to define the development of the country. Normally developed countries have a teledensity of more than hundred which means phones outnumber people. Our Teledensity shows that we are inching closer to being a developed nation soon. This is a hopeful sign.

If we have to break the addition of subscribers down we can see that most Telecom companies have done well this month with Idea Cellular adding 2.17 million new users and growing its total user base to 10.39 million. Bharti Airtel increased their subscriber count by 0.96 million people making their total 174.69 million people. Vodafone added almost the same number of people as Airtel (0.92 million) which takes their total to 146.84 million. Uninor, Aircel and RCom added 1.86, 0.67 and 1.01 million people respectively. MTNL has managed to add 31,787 new people in November. Tata Teleservices and BSNL lost  4.44 and 0.18 million users in the month of November.

With Mobile Number Portability (MNP) allowing people to switch between carriers, it is slowly becoming more popular and Telecom companies are trying their best to provide good service and retain their customers. No company can afford to be careless with their customers now.

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