#BlackoutSOPA The Online Movement Gathering Momentum: Enough To Scare Govt?

What started as huge outcry over US Govt’s ‘Stop Online Piracy Act’ (SOPA) has now taken an interesting turn with BlackoutSOPA.org.

While the Congress has resumed talks about the controversial SOPA & Protect IP Act, the online community is gearing up to oppose the same by what it does best. Showing their displeasure online. However, in this unique new way, users can easily create a modified Profile Photo for themselves through BlackoutSOPA.org to be put up on Facebook, Twitter and many other online Social networking services. Presently, there are three types of images. A pitch-black one, a simple one that just says “Stop SOPA” or one with layer of text saying “Stop SOPA” beneath your existing profile image. We wonder why would you require a website to do that for you. Changing of profile images is pretty simple on these sites.

What’s the big deal about SOPA anyways?

In simple terms, if any Site has offending material on it, the Hosting company is compelled to act. In other words if a user has posted something objectionable, the site can be brought down. Even the time (within 5 Days) is mentioned!

Furthermore, if turned into a law, it will be applicable globally to those sites that are not even US registered. Such anarchic methods may spell doom for Social Sites or File-Hosting Sites that have Millions of users interacting at any given point of time. All said, the Act is pretty vague & needs to a lot of ironing especially by reliable Tech gurus, rather than legislatures. While India has been busy elsewhere, our Telecom minister, Mr. Kapil Sibal, had proposed the idea a while back on the censoring of the Internet!

Recently GoDaddy bore the brunt of siding with the act. Let’s hope such measures add oil to the burning fire.

Will you support the movement, by blackening your own Profile Photo?

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