Google Get 200+ Patents From IBM: Gets Ready For Upcoming Lawsuit Against Oracle

The patent wars are heating up in every major software company around the world. A lot of companies are treading this path carefully. The only thing that makes sense is to hoard up as many patents as you can to fortify yourself against patent lawsuits and trolls. That is exactly what Google has done. They recently acquired 200 more patents from IBM which cover a wide spectrum of web services like email, server backups, database optimization, ad serving and mobile web page display.
Google has gotten many patents earlier from IBM last year. There is one more important patent which deals with social networking and Google plans to use it to boost Google+. They acquired more than 2000 patents during the period from June to December last year. Google is all set to buy Motorola Mobility to boost Android and its manufacturers and keep them safe from Microsoft’s and Apple’s patent litigation, pending an Anti-trust review. They are now lending these and other patents to Android manufacturers whenever they get sued for patent infringement.
Recently, HTC lost to Apple on 1 count of infringement. Without Google’s support the damage would have been greater. Google is ramping up its defense against rival Oracle who have claimed that Android significantly infringes on their Java technology. The lawsuit is up for hearing soon. Google has claimed that rivals like Microsoft and Apple have conspired to attack Google’s mobile OS with bogus patents just to make to OS expensive to manufacturers. Microsoft still makes money for every Android phone sold by making manufacturer pay up for using the OS.

The modern concept of patenting (especially software) is pretty messed up and paints a very confusing picture. My only argument here is that legal lawsuits, bogus patents and patent trolls make innovation very difficult in the software industry.

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