Prediction For 2012: The Year Of Mobile Computing

Since last year, we have witnessed a great deal of interest in Internet & related applications. However, this interest is fueled by consumption of on-the-move technology. We feel, the coming year will witness a heavy growth of mobile computing. It has already begun very well. Despite poor hardware, Aakash sales have skyrocketed. With the aim of providing computers i.e. one-laptop-per-child, now moving to tablet wars, expect a massive surge in Tablet sale.

Blackberry proved once again that Indians are a price-sensitive bunch by completely exhausting the Playbook stock once the price was halved. With 3G catching on, albeit slowly, & 4G just around the corner, high speed internet will be now readily available. Since, even trains & highways are now connected; we can expect people to work extensively even while traveling. People are now able to watch full length movies & download legal music on their phones & tablets. Hence even entertainment is gaining mobility. With such a huge demand already predicted, we do not want to say, “We Told You So!”. Manufacturers are offering Tablets left right and center. Starting from ultra-cheap, the consumer is spoilt for choice. Meanwhile this hardware turf is also supported by Software wherein many sites are being redesigned for the mobile screen.

But, will this mean the death of the Desktop? It’s a question that’s not so easy to answer. While the tablets & phones offer ultimate mobility, typing with ease & speed is still a hassle. But, the Govt. seems to be supporting the mobile world. The Social Networking, which is injurious to work health, is on the rise. Hence, that too will be accessed on the go. We also have the rising access to high-speed Wireless Broadband or WiFi even at cafes to boost the sale & use of tablets & large-screen mobile phones.

Even shopping experience is being redesigned by companies keen to cater to this mobile audience who wish to buy literally everything while commuting & Indians have responded with gusto. That said, even once-in-a-lifetime decisions like buying a house are being taken while having a coffee! Despite some hiccups by Service providers, the GSM & Internet services have seen major penetration in the tier I & II cities.

However, large junk of rural population is still waiting for decent mobile connectivity.

People are now regularly accessing news, weather, reading comics & even buying tickets for events with the help of these devices. Not to forget gaming is on the rise too. We recently read how Social Networking & Search were the top most uses for Mobile Computing. Last but not the least, the banking & commerce are increasingly shifting their focus on mobile technology. This paradigm shift will further ease customers’ lives which were threatened by the ATM fiasco recently. Even RBI has thrown a big surprise by removing restrictions on mobile transactions.

Let’s not forget even Politics has noticed the power of Mobile & Internet, with anti-corruption fight being fought on a virtual turf. Even education is being promoted through online channels & with cloud services; access to material is now just a click away & that too anywhere.

So, from looking for a job to looking for a life-partner, from buying a car to buying a house, mobile computing will grow further & enable us to be productive or fun or even both at the same time.

What more can a person ask for?

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