Social Gaming Company PlayUp Comes To India: New Avenue For Gamers?

Mobile-based Social gaming company PlayUp has just revealed it will be opening its office in India. They have further revealed that the Indian Office will act as a Global hub. While PlayUp has been functioning through it’s USA, Japan & UK offices, they too have understood the importance of India as hotbed for Social Networking & its ancillary advantages. Bollywood too, has been thriving through the Social gaming phenomenon.

Many Indians are now ready to spend online & PlayUp, seems to be gearing up to offer what they need. Interestingly, Cricketing legends Steve Waugh, Adam Gilchrist, Brendon Julian and Graeme Wood,  are stakeholders in this venture. It seems Cricket will be the major attraction here!

PlayUp wants to exploit the market that is well set & hence has immediate plans of launching a iOS app for iPads, iPods & iPhones. While the plans for Android/Desktop/Windows7 devices will be executed over the next few months. The platform offers real-time scoring and statists, It also allows the fans to create private-rooms and chat while the games are being played on the field. Kind of like a private box in a Stadium where friends can chat & gossip while the game is on.

The PlayUp community on Facebook has already surpassed 3 Lakh followers & with the ongoing India Australia matches underway, the company hopes to rope in lot more. The company’s gamut of service include, real-time chatting, live streaming & support for SMS, WAP, Internet, Apps and Interactive Voice.

With Mobile Internet growing rapidly, even large organizations like Disney have realized the importance of online & social gaming. Here to Facebook with games by Zynga a clear leader looks like it will soon a barrage of competition.

Where do you see yourself? In a stadium or at home watching the game & interacting with friends.

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