Samsung Beats Nokia And Wins The Race Of Cell Phone Sales

Samsung has surpassed Nokia both in volume and value terms.

Samsung is surely close to being the the world’s largest seller of smartphones & it has proven this in India by surging ahead Nokia in terms of sales figures & actual quantity of shipments of smartphones. The triumph doesn’t end there. Samsung has also beaten its rival  Apple by being the world’s largest seller of smartphones for the third quarter ended September . An ecstatic Says Samsung Mobile and IT country head Ranjit Yadav, said, “At Samsung, we believe in offering our consumers innovative smart mobile devices across different operating systems and different price points, and giving them more choice. This has helped Samsung emerge as the preferred brand in the smartphone market in India.”

As we all witnessed recently, India’s demand for cellphones is increasingly rapidly. Couple that with easier access to high-speed mobile internet, makes a smartphone a must-have necessity rather than a mere aspiration. Statistically speaking, Indian market which was peaking at 2.5 Million Units just a year back is expected to be home to almost 9 Million units by this year! With smart phones available across a wide price range, we have seen adoption touch new highs consistently.

Samsung’s volume market share is nearly 38%, and value share is at 35.2%, according to market research firm, GfK. Volume-wise Samsung has shipped about 28 million smart-phones globally in just one quarter of 2011. Samsung has come a very long-way since in 2008, when Sammy’s market-share in smart-phones was a mere 7% & Nokia sat the throne with 60%!

We asked ourselves what could be the reason?

The answer could lie in the fact that Nokia was once considered de-facto in making quality phones that were easy to use & lasted for a long time. However, Samsung has matched these attributes & even kept the prices low to grab the market share. To stop this onslaught & regain its position, Nokia recently launched windows-powered Lumia family of smart-phones, but Samsung seems to have surged ahead with its Android equipped Galaxy line of phones. These phones are available in all price slabs starting from affordable to feature-packed.

So which phone are you planning to purchase next?

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