9XM Will Offer Bollywood Tracks Through Hungama: Will You Pay For Music Though?

Offline Bollywood Music Channel 9XM has partnered with Hungama.com to launch pay-per-song sub-portal 9XM.Hungama.com.

The two giants in their respective spheres have announced a collaboration to offer an online radio and Bollywood Music Store. A sub-domain at the moment or as it called a channel, 9XM.Hungama.com, is an online Bollywood Music Store, which will allow music lovers to sample, select and download their favorite & full-length Bollywood music tracks from a huge catalogue of over 1,00,000 songs across various genres.

9XM has also announced 9XM radio. Interestingly, this too is on-demand. To get 9XM Radio, users will have to dial 54646996 from their mobile phones. We are guessing the quality might not be good as usually the streaming through GSM voice channel takes place at a very low bitrate.

Further, the company plans to monetize the venture by allowing users to listen & choose the songs as Caller Ring Back Tunes by sending the unique song code to 54646. Interestingly, the short code service provider 54646 is also partners with Reliance Communication offering  very similar services. However, Reliance & Tata Docomo has tried to urge Facebook & Twitter users to share songs.

What are the charges?

As we all know, piracy is a major concern. In an attempt to fight it, 9XM has priced the songs at a mere Rs. 10 per song. There’s no doubt that the digital music business has great potential in India. The opportunity further lies in mobile music. It is believed even by Flipkart that the digital music business will surpass physical music in sales in India. With the recent introduction of wide range of devices- mobile phones, tablets and laptops, the growth in Digital entertainment is set for an exponential growth.

The question is, is charging for music the correct way to encourage people to avoid piracy and buy legal music?

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