Social Networking Fueled By Mobile Internet: Android Apps Fueling The Trend?

More than 300 Million or almost 40% of Facebook’s users are accessing the site using Mobile Apps. If the data from a recent report of Benedict Evans prepared for Enders Analysis is anything to go by, users of largest Social Networking site Facebook are increasingly accessing the portal through Apps on various mobile platforms.

This trend is primarily being attributed to increasing use of iOS & Android apps.

Earlier in September, Facebook had confirmed the number of monthly active mobile users to be 350 Million, thereby making Facebook one of the most mobile-optimized online service. However, this number includes mobile web users as well as users of its mobile apps. Mobile Web users are those who access Facebook through browsers on their mobiles. In this case, a mobile-optimized version of Facebook is displayed or accessible.

Breaking down the numbers,  Evans reports that over 100 Million from the iOS & Android community, from the total of 225 Million, have installed the Facebook App, whereas more than 70% of Blackberry users access Facebook through the app meant for their OS. Interestingly, on a daily active usage pattern, Android users are ahead, but on a weekly & monthly basis iPhone & iPod take the lead.

Summarizing it all Evans writes, “In other words, 70 percent of mobile users and 30 percent of all users used apps to access Facebook

What it all means is that Facebook is experiencing a tremendous surge of users who are opting for the mobile route to get their daily fix of socializing! And going by the figure of 50 Million of users added to this list since September, we could witness a lot of happening in the Facebook architecture to give priority to this growing population.

One question that the report has failed to answer is how many users access Facebook ONLY through the mobile apps?

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