How One Views Facebook Page, Eye – Tracking Study Reveals!

Perception they say, changes with time, while in case of Facebook its Timeline feature reveals a new study.

Eye-tracking research start-up EyeTrackShop was asked by Tech Site Mashable to compare visual statistics for Twitter, Facebook and MySpace profiles before and after major site redesigns. For Facebook it was the much-awaited Timeline that Mark Zuckerberg announced in F8 Developer Summit in October of this year. The timeline feature was developed following much testing. It is safe to say, not all liked the new design & users were allowed to retain the old appeal.

However, people have warmed-up to the feature & the study puts forth some interesting observations about where your eyes spends its sweet time when looking at someone’s profile:

Picture is worth a thousand words. And for now, cover photos being about 10 times greater than the size of profile pictures, people are focusing more on them than before. More good news for advertisers who wisely chose Facebook. The “sponsored stories” which earlier grabbed about 43% users’ attention, now get it from about 63%. Guess, marketing through Social Networking is about to heat up!

In the new format, What you do & Where are you (Employer & Location info) get more attention than in the old format.

While the observations were primarily for Facebook, the 30 participants were also subjected to Twitter & MySpace profiles. And the observations were pretty interesting: In case of Twitter’s long-awaited redesign, the person’s basic information has taken  precedence over his or her tweets. In earlier design, people chose to read the tweets first.

MySpace, which earlier was mauling surrender to Facebook, hit a home run when almost 97% of its users noticed the section of songs one can click on to play in the new profile.

On a more personal note, which pictures do our readers keep as Cover Photos? It will be interesting to know the associations that people wish to put forth about Friends, Places of interest, brag about achievements etc. Do let us know.

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