Airtel Services Still Down And Customer Woes Continue

Indian telecom major, Airtel is facing a tough time stabilizing its operations and its network due to the outage that happened 3 days ago. A major fire in its data center resulted in the breakdown of all its services including 3G and data services not only in Mumbai but also surrounding places in Maharashtra, Goa and Madhya Pradesh. This outage has customers livid as many people are complaining about it on Twitter and Facebook.
Well, since the last three days the situation has somewhat improved. Some people can make intermittent calls and use their GPRS but on the whole the situation is pretty messed up. The fire must have been really serious as it is taking them more than 3 days to restore their services.
Airtel’s official statement says,  ”Our teams have been working round the clock to restore these services, and we are happy to state that all mobile, DSL and mobile data services have largely been normalized. However, some customers may be facing intermittent network congestion during the network stabilization process. We are working on our Enterprise Services delivery which will start normalizing tomorrow “Mishaps can happen to anyone but with Airtel outages are a common affair.
In 2008, their network broke down for 12 hours after a short circuit in their building in Lower Parel. In 2010, their network in  Bangalore was affected due to a technical glitch. This is not the safety standard expected from one of the largest companies in the Indian telecom segment. Airtel has a countrywide subscriber base of  175 million people and this particular outage has affected 17% of the this user base.
That is a ridiculously large number. Many people were heard grumbling that they would switch from Airtel to other carriers which is only normal given that the outage has lasted for more than 3 days. Similar stuff happened when the Blackberry servers were down recently for 5 days.

Airtel should seriously up its game now or risk losing more customers to other carriers.

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