The Internet In India 2011-12: Edelweiss Capital’s Releases Its Annual Report

Financial services company Edelweiss Capital, an India based firm, has released its Annual Report for the year 2011. Edelweiss are known for their strikingly comprehensive reports. They take Industry Snapshots and ensure they do it with a level of competency that makes them difficult to miss.

They recently published their report on the Internet in India for the 2011-12. The Internet, which was named ‘Person of the Year’ by Time Magazine in 2004, has grown beyond anyone’s imagination. E-Commerce too is constantly in a state of growth.  Here are some highlights from the report, and the various themes covered:

  1. E-Retail will grow 20X by 2016, reaching $12 Billion a year.
  2. Online Advertising will triple by 2016 to reach $800 Million.
  3. Online Classifieds will touch $700 Million by 2016.
  4. Key Enablers for ensuring rapid growth are falling into place. Eg: Internet Penetration, Literacy, Payment Options. 
  5. Ever increasing User Base is a strong factor for growth.
  6. Social Networking and its effect on the Online Marketing Scenario
  7. Huge Wealth Creation Opportunities are created by Online Businesses. eg: The phenomenon of Daily Deal Sites, Online Gaming.
  8. Importance of Mobile Internet over traditional Broadband Internet in developing countries.
  9. Internet Market in India in 2012 is equivalent to China’s situation in 2006: ready to take off in a much bigger way.
  10. How to realize large investment opportunities from the Internet; be it hardware, software or data related opportunities.
  11. Case Studies and Analysis of successful brands like MakeMyTrip, FlipKart and Amazon.

As you can see, the report is very comprehensive. You can download the Edelweiss India Report for 2011-12 in its entirety from here. It is a heavy, but a highly recommended read.

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