Shops Now Open At A Mobile Screen Near You: Exciting Enough To Purchase More?

Reasoning Global eApplications will soon launch location-aware mobile applications to offer a convenient shopping experience.

This Hyderabad based multi-channel solutions provider for the retailing industry, will roll out application version of its MartJack Exchange engine for the BlackBerry, iPhone and Android-based platforms by the end of this financial year. These applications will have GPS synchronization & will offer search and navigation capabilities after judging the needs of the shoppers. The apps will further allow to make an instant purchase too. We recently witnessed a similar app for realty.

How does it work?

Mobile Shopping by Reasoning relies on their proprietary platform MartJack Exchange. According to the company, the exchange is an ‘e-commerce platform that enables a single-click creation of a digital commerce channel with automatic communication between consumers, publishers, retailers, logistic partners and customer service teams’. It is built on the .NET technology & is neatly integrated with Cloud services.

On the consumer-side, the shopping app will have two avatars. Apps that will reside on the platforms mentioned earlier, while there’s even a generic web-based app built on HTML5 technology that can easily accessed from any internet-connected device.

Thus both ends of the app will interface through MartJack says, Jeetendra Joshi, vice-president (marketing), Reasoning Global eApplication, “While the retailer will be using the same MartJack system, the end consumer will be accessing the online store from his mobile phone by downloading the app from the retailers’ app stores

MartJack is apparently an established platform being utilized by over 700 retailers like Videocon, Gitanjali, Next & that too across various categories like fashion, electronics, mobile phones, jewelry etc. Hence further adoption should be easy feels Jeetendra. He further revealed company also has plans to integrate Social Networking driven e-commerce within the MartJack platform soon.

Our idea is to take online purchasing to the next level, offering a ‘search-plus-purchase’ kind of experience to the end-customer” says a confident Mr. Joshi as he already has close to 50 Million indirect customers & is aiming for 100 Million with the Mobile applications.

While in some apps this is considered a threat, in others its an untapped opportunity. What do you think?

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