ComScore Shows That Google+ Is Growing Slowly And Steadily

Google+, Google’s new social project is the center of a lot of speculation since it launched. Originally described as a Facebook killer but now Internet prophets are spelling its doom. The number of people that the network is attracting is being studied very carefully by Industry specialists. ComScore, a third-party analytics company, has released an estimation of what the traffic might be like.
According to ComScore, Google+ has grown 65 million people in October to 67 million people in November. This data is totally based on the traffic that is hitting That is not a big rise but this is just a month we are talking about and getting 3 million people in a month is not such a small deal. Some say that Google+ is a ghost town but that does not explain the increase in the number of people visiting the site.

Here is a chart comparing Google+ data to other prominent social networks for the month of November.

Worldwide  Total              Unique Visitor

(Total Internet Users)    (  1, 438, 877)

  •          792, 999
  •               167, 903
  •           94, 823
  • Google Plus                  66, 756
  • Myspace                         61, 037

The interesting thing about Google+ is that there are not many people out there but those who are on it are not leaving and increasing number of people are using it every month. No doubt, that the rise for November can be partly explained by the fact that Google has nicely integrated Google+ with Android. Integration with other Google services is slowly taking place in an incremental manner. So in essence, Google+ is not much of a social network but can be thought of as a unifying social layer. People are discovering the features that Google+ has introduced such as post editing, Mobile app synchronisation, Instant upload of photos and hangouts. The more people use Google services, the more it is easy for you to share something via Google+.

We can compare Google+ with the big-shots like Facebook and Twitter all we want but we cannot pass a definitive judgement against the newest social network on the block. In fact, it is an unfair comparison. Facebook took seven years to become the behemoth that it is and Twitter also took almost the same time to build its numbers. Google+ has just been around for roughly 6 months and already has 65 million users. I think that slow and steady is the way to go and that is exactly what the social network requires so that users can gradually transition to it.

The same happened in India with Orkut. Before Facebook, Orkut was the de facto social network for everyone and then Facebook came along and introduced us to new concepts like a news-feed, apps, sharing etc. This started the migration of people from Orkut to Facebook. In my opinion, a similar thing is happening right now. Facebook may have the numbers but it will have to fight hard against stagnation.

Do you think Google+ will make it? Tell us.

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