Twitter Cripples New Tweetdeck; Will It Drive Users Away?

Tweetdeck has long been the default way to access Twitter for a lot of people. In fact, it was the most widely used 3rd Party App for Twitter. They had iOS, Android, PC and Chrome Appss and a lot of power users used it. When Twitter purchased Tweetdeck for $50 Million, we hoped that they would not mess it up, but alas, that seems to have happened.

Here’s a list of reasons, compiled by Mashable, on why the newly designed Tweetdeck by Twitter is inferior to the original Tweetdeck

1) Wasted Screen Space in Columns

A reason people loved Tweetdeck so much was its screen efficiency. It would work out the multiple columns in such a way so that one got maximum number of information on a screen with zero wasted space, be it a 20″+ monitor or a lowly netbook screen. In the new Tweetdeck, unless the entire column fits on the screen, it is not shown. It does not compress the column size. This is visually unpleasing and inefficient.

2) Manual RT’s Abolished, Quotation Marks method added.

Since the begining of Twitter, people have been using the RT symbol. Once Twitter introduced Native Retweets, Tweetdeck gave users the option of using both Native and Manual RT’s. However, now Twitter has abolished that. Instead of a manual RT, users have to use the quotation mark ” method to quote a tweet. This causes problems while sharing links as the browser takes the” to be part of the link.

3) No More Share Page in Tweetdeck

With Tweetdeck, one could right clink on any link in your system and select ‘Share via Tweetdeck’. This function is no longer possible, which is a shame, as it saved a lot of time.

4)  Tweetdeck Link Shortening Removed

Twitter has done away with  TD’s way of making any link into a link immediately, making it easier to ensure your Tweet is under 140 characters. Now it shortens it the default twitter method of trailing off into a row of periods.

We can only hope that Twitter will consider re-enabling these features at a later stage, or users may switch to another app like HootSuite.

What do you think of the new Tweetdeck?  Is it an improvement for you or a downgrade? Will you switch to another client? Do let us know.



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