How India Searched In 2011!

The year is drawing to an end. It sure has been an eventful one with all the revolutions, the natural calamities, political situations, the advancement of technology , deaths of many prominent people and many other things. Google has recently compiled all the data and presented it in a clean manner at Google Zeitgeist. This site is made in HTML5 and shows us the potential of this HTML standard.
Oh yeah, and they have made a pretty nice video about the year 2011.

Focusing specially on India, we find that the top 10 trending searches were:

  1. Facebook
  2. Youtube
  3. Gmail
  4. Yahoomail
  5. Google
  6. Yahoo
  7. Irctc
  8. Rediffmail
  9. Indian Railways
  10. Way2sms

As you can see that the top ten searches this year in India were for other social websites like Facebook, Youtube etc. People use Google to search for Google. Quite a recursion! The top 6 searches were for other websites. The fastest rising people on the web were Anna Hazare, Steve Jobs and others. In News, IPL topped other topics like World Cup 2011, Diwali and Lokpal.

Airtel has also released its year end review titled ‘Mobitude 2011’ which shows how almost 170 million subscribers did with their mobile Internet. The results are tabulated below.

  • 150 Million music tracks downloaded.
  • 19 Million movie wallpapers downloaded.
  • Google, Gmail and Facebook were the most visited mobile websites
  • Popular social networks in order of use were Facebook, Orkut and Twitter.

So, Twitter lags behind Orkut! Facebook maintained the lead for the most visited Social Network. This shows the paradigm shift that is happening in terms of accessing social networks. People are increasingly using their phones to access these sites and hence Facebook and other services are focusing more on mobile apps.

Head on over to Google Zeitgeist and you can scrutinize all this in detail.

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