Komli Media Launches ATOM: India’s First RTB Enabled Ad Platform

Komli Media is one of the leading media technology platforms in Asia Pacific and they have launched India’s first Real Time Bidding (RTB) enabled online Ad platform which they are calling ‘ATOM’.
ATOM is a proprietary technology from the company which is very disruptive in nature as it allows media buyers to evaluate, bid on and purchase online ad inventory an impression by impression basis which makes it easy for the ads to reach their precise audiences. Komli Media is the only media network in India to develop and use such a technology. ATOM provides access to over 10 billion ad impressions per month, over 90 percent reach into India’s online audience which is estimated to be somewhere over 80 million + users. The tool also provides coverage across a host of  publishers including some of the top publishers in India. No doubt that this technology will boost Komli Media’s business and thus will make it the top ad network platform in Asia Pacific.

Announcing the product, Gulshan Verma, Komli Media’s Vice President and Country Head, Ad Network, India and US said, “The promise of 1-to-1 marketing is beginning to be realized by marketers. Some of our customers are already seeing the benefit of only paying for the impression they want. For example: An online e-commerce client witnessed a 79% increase in its conversion rate using RTB through ATOM and a software client enjoyed a 71% click through rate improvement.  This has also benefited our publishers – While achieving these results for marketers, we have also been able to increase some of publisher’s yield (revenue per thousand impressions) in excess of 70%”.

With RTB enabled auction based media buying, the science of search advertising is coming to display advertising, driving quantum leap in effectiveness for display campaigns. Advertisers are able to selectively buy audiences and impressions that matter, and pay exactly what the impression is worth. Display advertising is poised for solid growth globally and in India. We are excited to be the first RTB enabled ad platform in India and the largest by reach in Asia. We plan to roll out ATOM across other key markets over the next few months.” said, Satish Kadu, VP, Products, Komli Media.

Amar Goel, Founder and Chairman of Komli Media will be a panelist at WATSummit 2012. He will be speaking about the real way to measure the effectiveness of digital campaigns. He will share insights about the industry and their new technology.

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