Twitter Creates Highest Social Media Buzz In 2011

The year is about to end and looking back the social media/social networking space had been busy contemplating on the supremacy of Facebook over Google+ and vice-versa. There were other social networks which we discussed in 2011, but it seemed when it came down to deciding the numero uno we were left with two choices, Facebook or Google+. Yes, Facebook has over 800 million users and yes Google+ has positioned itself as the heir to the social networking throne. But, in this period Twitter has raked in the highest BUZZ!

Digital marketing agency Zeta Interactive releases an annual ranking of the most-buzzed networks. The ‘volume’ and ‘tone’ of each social network is measured in order to calculate their ‘Zeta Buzz score’. Over “200 million blogs, social media outlets and online posts” are trolled during the year to find out the number of mentions of the social networks.

Twitter in many ways accurately reflected our society during the course of the year. The microblogging site began the year by (involuntarily) playing a major role in shaping Arab Spring. Towards the end of 2011 Twitter is linked to another fledgling revolution/movement, the Occupy Wall Street movement. Zeta Interactive’s CEO, Minna Rhee correctly summed it up, during an interview to Mashable, saying, “For culture, breaking news and celebrities it is the social network. I think that’s reflected in the much more positive tonal ranking.” 83% of the discussions related to Twitter were positive and only 17% were deemed negative. This was largely responsible for Twitter’s excellent tonal ranking.

So, where did Facebook and Google+ feature on this list. Facebook managed only a fourth place, with 70% positive negative buzz and more crucially a 30% negative buzz, which incidentally is the highest among the social networks in the top 10. Interestingly, Facebook’s results were worse last year when they had a 64% positive buzz coupled with a 36% negative buzz and were placed 6th on the list. So basically, Facebook has improved! Google+ finished just outside the top 10 at twelfth position. This has been mainly attributed to the fact that Google+ launched at the end of June 2011. There is good news for Google+. It had an excellent 89% positive buzz, which could see them climb up the list next year.

Last year YouTube had topped the list and were closely followed in second place by Flickr. This year there has been very little change in terms of actual score, yet their positions on the list have changed dramatically. 2010 was considered to be the year of video and photo sharing. 91% people spoke positively about YouTube and only 9% spoke negatively about the video-sharing network. This year YouTube has actually improved its buzz, with 92% positive buzz and just 8% negative buzz.

Yet, YouTube has dropped down the list to third position. Flickr had an incredible 98% positive buzz last year and a 2% negative buzz, which saw the photo-sharing site land the second position. This year with a 90% positive and 10% negative buzz, Flickr has ended up in the eighth position. YouTube has made changes to its design and objectives towards the end of 2011 and hopefully next year they will be able to regain the top-spot.

The surprise packages in this year’s list are Meetup and Ning. This further proves that personal and local content portals are here to stay. Both these social networks garnered the highest positive buzz at 93%.

Which social network according to you created the highest buzz? Do write in to us.

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