IB School Kids Asked To Buy iPad 2; Aakash Not Good Enough?

In a typical one-upmanship, International Baccalaureate affiliated Podar International School has asked its students to buy an iPad 2 for “better educational experience”.

In a move going to prove very profitable for Apple, parents have been asked either to source an iPad 2 on their own or buy one from the school’s bulk purchase scheme. Parents of kids as young as class II are not happy & feel they have been left out of the consensus. “There has been no consensus on the issue among parents. I am opposed to the move as it will hamper, rather than aid a kid’s education.” Parents feel kids should be taught using the traditional methods instead of giving expensive gadgets at such a tender age. Some have even gone to the length of threatening withdrawal of their wards from the school as they feel, “it’s a purely a money-making racket.”

Though the school later tried to pacify the parents by saying, that those not ready to invest in the expensive tablet can continue using the interactive board as usual, damage had already been done. However, with technology entering so rapidly in our busy lives & parents constantly on their expensive tablets & wonder-phones, why should not the students be given the opportunity. When “A” used to be actually written, it was OK, but with the pace so blisteringly fast, kids could simply press a key or a screen to get that alphabet.

However, WHY only Apple?

School’s justification: “One, we have a parent working for Apple and, two, the iPad2 has the best applicationsRight!

We ask, why not Android tablets which are available right across the price segment?

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