Mojostreet Launches A Geo-Location Based Game

Taking the already viral Social Networking to the next level, Hyderabad-based startup Mojostreet, has launched a Geo-Location based game by the same name.

The free-to-download game at allows players to interact with each other about the various physical shopping destinations that they hang-out. The game is available across multiple platforms like BlackBerry, Nokia, iPhone and Android devices.

The game has got significant response says, Kalyan Manyam, founder and CEO of Mojostreet, “The game witnessed more than 18,000 downloads and check-ins across 422 cities globally in 2 weeks of the beta launch”, which is just the beginning he feels, “We expect this number of downloads to touch 100,000 by January 2012”. Surprisingly, as of now, the grief-stricken BlackBerry owners form the largest group of users at more than 75%.

Adopting a cue from popular Foursquare & Google, players, virtually checking-into places they physically visit. As a reward, they will earn virtual currency called “mojo dollars” which can be used to own clones of real-world properties online and also start collecting mojo “rent” from other players. Check-ins will increase the value of the property and net-worth of players.

So how is the business angle taken care of?

MojoStreet received its seed funding of US$ 350,000 (@ Rs. 1.8 Crores) from Ex-Microsoft MD Srini Koppolu and NVidia India MD J A Chowdary. Further, it is already in the process of closing the second round of funding. Our readers may read about it shortly!

Experimentation is still underway to judge & select the best earning model feels Manyam, “At present we are experimenting with different revenue models including monthly subscriptions from merchants and revenue for each lead-generation to the merchants. We are expecting revenues of over Rs. 1 Crore in the next one year”. This “Lead” generation is done when “Players are treated with surprise rewards and special offers for checking in at participating merchant locations” he adds.

With over 5.5 Million & counting, Geo-Tagged locations, gamers or customers can earn check-in rewards from 150 brands across 1,250 locations in India alone. 

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