Youtube Gets A Complete New Design

Google is very serious about improving the user experience and UI of its products. They have been pushing design changes to all their products since the launch of Google Plus so that all their services become cohesive in design and use. Youtube has always been a little disconnected from its parent company in terms of UI and UX. This is the first step towards building a Google ecosystem of products that are mutually related and connected. The YouTube redesign was rumored to be in the pipeline last week and some advanced users had already got a sneak preview.
Today, YouTube got the redesign live for all users. Check out Google’s official video on the new redesign.

As you can see from the image, the look has been completely revamped and synced with other Google products. One major feature that stands out is the Youtube channel specific changes that have been done. It is much now easier for you to search and subscribe any channel on Youtube. You can also add new channels directly from the home page. There is a nice and clean dashboard for all those who manage their own channels.
The second aspect is the integration with various social networks. Now social media power-users can like, favorite, comment and upload videos and this will be posted on all the social networks that you connect to your Youtube account to. You can make Youtube auto-share your activities or disable this. The choice is completely yours. The social networks that you can currently connect to Youtube are Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Speaking about the redesign, Margaret Stewart, Director of User Experience at YouTube’s Headquarters in San Bruno, Calif. said that “The future of the YouTube experience has channels at the center of it. It’s a container for all the world’s video, and it needs to be the best home for that.”

Looking at how Youtube has added movies and other content to its repertoire, it is becoming clear that it is aiming to be the go-to content and video channel out there rivaling the traditional medium of Television. It will be interesting to see how Youtube takes on Television channels.

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