Asians Prefer Online Shopping Reveals Report

Shattering previous speculations, a new Survey has revealed that Asians prefer to shop & pay bills online.

Visa eCommerce Consumer Monitor 2010, the survey which revealed the reassuring findings for online e-commerce websites that Asians, particularly South Asians from mainland China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand are increasingly reaching for the mouse to buy goods & pay utility bills online.

The survey comprising of 3,156 regular internet users revealed some very interesting facts as below:

1. Online Shopping offers tremendous joy & ease

Over 87% of the respondents confirmed that had bought electrical appliances and white goods (electronics) online. The number shot-up to 98% and 97% for mainland China and Taiwan respectively. We Indians were not far behind with about 89% confirming that indulged in online shopping in the past 1 Year.

2. Paying bills need not be a chore

About 60% of the respondents confirmed that they regularly pay their utility bills online & over 97% confirmed that they will continue to do so in the future. Paying bills online has multiple advantages revealed the survey, like convenience, anytime bill payment, no queues & here in India, we even have some incentives (usually 0.5%) if we opt to pay the bills online. MTNL sure does it.

The Survey also had some very interesting facts for E-shoppers:

Online Shopping for Travelling & Accommodation still rules with Average expenditure of US$ 550, Online Share trading gets about $320 per user, electrical appliances and white goods manage about US$ 166. Other services like Banking go below the 100 dollar mark with only US$ 92 & PC hardware with just US$ 75.

With the convenience of detailed comparison of products, ability to pay & get it home delivered sometimes for free & even the no-questions-asked return policy that some offer, Online shopping is surely a lucrative destination to buy just about anything & everything. Just make sure you follow some safety precautions.

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