The New Youtube Editor Is Gaining Popularity Among Youtubers

Youtube is the single most awesome thing to happen to Digital Media. It has everything including Official music videos, fan made music videos, original videos, Movies and cat videos. Youtube has come a long way since its inception in 2005. Google acquired it for $1.67 billion and in 6 years it has become the numero uno medium for communication through video and is slowly giving established players like cable a run for their money.

To make the Youtube experience better for content producers, Youtube recently implemented their new online editor which takes off after you upload a video and helps you to edit your video without any hassles.

The editor has intentionally been made simpler so that people with zero experience in video editing can get started. The editor can also modify videos that have been already posted to the website. You can also change the URL of these videos. This will work brilliantly if you are revamping or reordering your channel. According to YouTube, product manager Jason Toff, four million videos have been enhanced by 2 million unique users since the launch of the new editor.

In trademark Google style, the editor sports a ‘I’m feeling lucky’ button which basically makes video edits like change in lighting color, contrast etc. in auto-pilot. Although it is not a foolproof way to edit videos, it works brilliantly when it does according to Jason Toff. This is again designed for people who do not know how to use a video editor or for those who are just feeling lazy. The ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ button was designed by an intern called Timothy Wong from Stanford who developed this functionality during the summer. This is a big deal as this is the first user-facing feature that has been developed by an Intern. If the button gets improved in the future, everyone can be a video-editor without being a professional. That’s a threat to a whole profession!

The new online editor is consistent with their plans for Chrome OS. Chrome OS is a complete online OS which features only a Chrome Browser. Obviously this OS can’t run video editing softwares like Final Cut Pro.

This is the another step in Google making its ecosystem strong when the Chromebooks do pick up speed!


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