Chromebooks Will Arrive In India Soon

The web is what you make of it. That is how Google sees it. The Internet giant’s latest effort in making the Internet easy to use is the popular Chrome OS and Chromebooks.

Chromebooks are devices which run Google’s revolutionary browser OS which is based on Google Chrome, the browser. As of now, Samsung and Acer are the only device manufacturers who will put out the Chromebooks but more manufacturers will soon be added to the list.

 The Chromebooks are designed to leverage Google’s revolutionary Chrome OS. This new paradigm in computing was born out of Google’s insight into how consumer behavior and activities are slowly shifting from the desktop OS to a browser.

So they stripped away the unnecessary parts of an OS and just put just enough to run a browser (Chrome). The resultant OS which is built on the open-source Linux kernel, boots up and works way quicker than a modern desktop OS, giving the general internet user more power and capability to be productive.

 The Chromebooks manufactured by Samsung and Acer are already out abroad but India will see their arrival early next year. Google’s senior VP of Chrome and Apps, Sundar Pichai was in the country recently for an interaction. He said told people here that, “I would be very surprised if Chromebooks are not shipped in India by early 2012. We see India as a huge potential market for us”. This can be seen in the increased efforts that are being put by Google in marketing and advertising in Indian mainline media.

 The fact that Google Chrome rose ahead of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer to be the top browser in India in just 2 years of its existence is a big feat and Google is not missing out on this opportunity. “The focus on user experience is key,” says Pichai and it is evident in the graphical and UX overhaul of Google services that has been put into effect since last week. This along with the rise Google+ will be a game changer for the Internet giant.

 Critics of the Chromebook contend that the device will not be of much use as there are many people who use the desktop OS for many things. That may be true of designers, engineers, software analysts and many other people but there are so many people in India who only use the Internet. You must have come across so many people who log into their computer and go first to the browser icon. Thus, Chromebook makes perfect sense for them. If you have been using Google Chrome, Chrome Webstore and other Google services, you will notice how the ecosystem is slowly coming into place. All the necessary Google Apps like Gmail, Docs and Calender have been tweaked so that they can be used offline. The world is finally moving towards trouble-free and easy computing and within the Chrome OS lies the answer.

 Do you think that Chrome OS and the Chromebooks will be a success or a failed try like Buzz and Wave? Share your opinion with us.

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