India On Right Track Of Online Advertising Says Research & Markets Report

Following news that Indians are rapidly adopting internet as a means for entertainment & education, not only on their computers but also on mobile devices, said by Research and Market report. The report further added, “India Online Advertising Industry Growth and Forecast 2016” to their growing line of reports which earlier spanned UK, China & Japan.

The report seems to elaborate what we already know that India, with its rising urban & educated population offers tremendous opportunity for online advertisement. However, it also paints a grim picture with the fact that underdeveloped infrastructure and lack of faith of both advertisers and audiences negatively impact the growth.

Typical to the mobile industry wherein, even with 865 Million subscribers [TRAI], mobile companies constantly struggle to increase Average Revenue Per User (ARPU). Online industry, though growing rapidly, saw a fall in advertising revenues during 2009. But this was attributed to global recession, says the report.

However, the report goes on to instill confidence with the news that in 2010, demand for online advertising grew 34.14% and surpassed the growth rate of other advertising mediums like TV, Print and even Radio. This is attributed to increase in internet penetration, e-commerce, social networking and population growth.

Even in online advertising, the Display Advertisements, which Yahoo, MS & AOL are teaming up against Facebook, appears to be the leading category,  accounting for more than 48% of the total online advertising pie. With a huge chunk of rural user still to get on the internet & mobile bandwagon, there is tremendous scope for companies to push more & more ads down our throats. Guess, it is the advertising that is truly leading the internet revolution.

The Key Topics that are covered in the report are:

  • The Indian Online Advertising Market
  • Online Advertising by Category
  • Industry Trends
  • Major Driving Factors
  • India Macro Economic Factors
  • Mergers & Acquisitions/Deals
  • Future Outlook of Indian Online Advertising Industry Online Display Advertising

The report includes the industry’s present performance and forecast of its various segments. Additionally, it has discussion on the cause and effect relationship of macroeconomic and industry factors providing the basis for the future outlook.The complete report, priced at EURO 437 (@US$ 600)  for a e-copy is available on the Research and Markets Product Page.

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