Welcoming Alok Mittal, Managing Director At Cannan India As A Jury Member At WAT Awards 2012

While announcing our jury member for the upcoming WAT Awards 2012, we introduced someone who has a broad range of hands-on experience of funding and supporting early-stage technology companies and that talented jury member was none other than Alok Mittal.  He joined Canaan India in March 2006. Alok focuses on investments in digital media and mobile companies, as well as innovators in managed software services and other IT enabled businesses.

Alok Mittal

Managing  Director At Cannan India | Co – Founder of Indian Angel Network | Advisor to Adtech India

1. Do you believe there are award winning digital campaigns happening in India?

  •  Not yet. There seems to be incremental improvement in quality of direct response campaigns online. However, the element of innovation is hard to come by, especially in areas of using the digital medium to leave an ongoing impact, or in integrating it with other media.

 2. What are your thoughts on the upcoming Digital talent in India?

  • (sorry, no comments)

 3. Where do you see the most innovation happening in the Indian Digital media industry?

  •  At this point, it would be around social media and videos. Search marketing and conventional display marketing seems to have become relatively routine.

 4. What do you think are the driving factors that will take the Indian digital media space ahead?

  •  Clients have to believe that digital media can give them more than just traffic, and then push their agencies towards it. Agencies need to be able to better assess and illustrate the impact of digital initiatives to their clients.

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